Super diversity

The social landscape of Britain and other open border countries have been transformed in the past two decades. The arrival of migrants from many different countries, combined with previously established minority populations, has resulted in an unprecedented variety of cultures, identities, faiths, languages, and immigration statuses.

These new patterns have emerged at greater speed, scale and spread of diversity than ever before. Furthermore, super diverse populations tend to change rapidly and are often fragmented rather than clustered in geographical locations. All these factors combine meaning that superdiversity presents unparalleled challenges and opportunities to policymakers and practitioners, as well as to businesses, communities and migrants.

Birmingham, as one of the UK’s most diverse, and soon to be one of several so-called minority/majority cities, exemplifies the changes associated with the emergence of super diversity. 

WeiPoint seeks to answer some of the critical questions around super diversity and to promote constructive discourse providing a space where academics, communities and businesses can work together to explore issues of profound importance to our cultures, societies and economies.


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