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We want to help student societies / groups organise interesting and cross-cultural events. Whether this is a conference, seminar, meetup - we want to hear your ideas for starting a discussion. WeiPoint believes in regional empowerment and so we are particularly interested in events focused on business, technology and with an international outlook.

WeiPoint is offering a sponsorship package worth £450 for 1 student society over the current Academic Year (2018 - 2019). Even if you only have the beginnings of an small idea, we want to hear from you!

Deadline: 31st October 2018

Name *
What is the proposed title of your event / conference / seminar?
Please describe your event and what you wish to achieve. (Purpose, Target Audience, No. of Attendees) - Max. 200 Words
Please provide a list of venues where you may wish to hold this event.
Please provide an outline for the agenda. This does not need to be finalised but an indication of what you want to include. (Topics, Speakers, Presentations)
Are there any requirements you want from working with WeiPoint? What would you like assistance in achieving for this event?
Please include any relevant information to support your application. (Potential sponsors, partners, resources)

Terms & Conditions:

  • Each entry application is subject to consideration by WeiPoint and we reserve the right to interpretation.

  • Terms of the sponsorship contract are to be negotiated and confirmed in writing with the representative Student Union of the successful society / student group.

  • WeiPoint to be featured as Co-Organiser for any events organised under this sponsorship contract.

  • Sponsorship will be paid to the society in 3 instalments over the academic year.

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