Market Feasibility Analysis

Entering a new geographical market, whether domestic or overseas are means of expanding your market. With support of numerous UK government schemes, many businesses have extended their products and services to other parts of the world. Equally, for some sectors such as financial technology, there are investors seeking to enter the exciting UK market. 

WeiPoint can conduct a feasibility analysis for your business; identifying the inherent opportunities and risks. We help our clients understand whether or not firms can take advantage of funding schemes and provide an assessment of its support options.

Meeting with experts and gathering data, we act on your behalf to provide metrics and a comprehensive grasp of how best to approach market entry. 


Partnership formation

Whether you're seeking to gain access to necessary resources or finding industry applications, overseas companies are keen to borrow and build upon your research and technologies.

WeiPoint is able to match you with partners who can collaborate with your research or technology. Through the proper channels, our clients receive tailored assistance and guidance in how to secure mutually beneficial business partnerships. 


Overseas Operation Support

Seeking remote but cost-effective business support?

WeiPoint has the solution. We provide a virtual incubation space. Our clients are able to reach our operational team for business support as well as access our resources through our OOS subscription service. Our local team will take you through developing your business and work flexibly to suit your operational targets. 


Investment & Research Tours

Wish to learn more about a particular sector or industry area, why not take a tour with us and meet potential customers, incubators and investors?

Even for businesses seeking to expand internationally but are uncertain of where to begin, WeiPoint offers tailored tours to inform you of the possibilities available in your chosen region or industry.  We prepare and work to your budget and organise programmes to guarantee you get the most from our tours.