With teams in both the UK and China, we are a small but growing company seeking similarly ambitious people to join us. We have full and part-time vacancies which will appeal to those who are resourceful, possess initiative, organised and who have a passion for understanding local and global business.

If you're looking for engaging and challenging roles in business and management, technology or research then consider these opportunities:


Regional coordinators

An expanding company,  the purpose of this role is to manage and develop WeiPoint's business opportunities through creating networks, facilitating exchange and to assist in delivering core services within various regions across the UK. 

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Intelligence Management

  • Events Management

  • Social Media Support

To find out more and apply: Regional Coordinator Job Description


technology consultant

WeiPoint is advancing its social media and payment services. Partnered with Lawson Technology, a team of 60 developers in China, the purpose of this role will be to provide technical support and advise clients on their financial technology strategy.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Product Management

  • Database Development & Maintenance

  • Online Support

To find out more and apply: Technology Consultant Job Description


WeiPoint continuously seeks talent and drive, we consider speculative applications from those of any discipline. To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to info@weipoint.co.uk.

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