Preserving our heritage

Over recent years the heritage sector has been hit by cumulative cut-backs in public sector funding, reductions in visitor spending and increasing competition for visitors.

However, the benefits of technological innovation, and the potential to reach new audiences, offers an opportunity amongst these challenges.

In the context of this developing landscape for the heritage sector, WeiPoint aims to explore the increasing need for museums and heritage organisations to become ever more entrepreneurial in their approach.

WeiPoint offers means for heritage sites in Birmingham and the West Midlands to reach new audiences through several approaches:

  • Outreach: working with the Ambassador Programme to encourage new visitors from new audiences

  • Appealing to new Audiences: WeiPoint offers translation skills and experience with non-English audiences, to help heritage sites provide tours and written material to appeal to growing audiences who do not have English as a first language, especially mandarin speaking tourists.

  • Profile building/enhancing: WeiPoint can assist heritage sites to build a digital profile to reach wider audiences, as well as enhancing the profile of existing sites through profile building in non-English tourism websites.

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