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Coming Soon: Disruptor

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Disruptors are people who are keen to bring change to their communities and also themselves. They are constantly pushing themselves to be better as well as keen to change their communities into a better place. They have many new ideas and action plans. They believe they can achieve the top of pyramid with their talent and effort. Very likely, they are

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Intellectuals

  • Community Leaders

  • Professional Elites

We design this package for them to fulfill their ambitions. We provide one-to-one meeting with them regularly and provide them with resources and encouragement as catalyst. We will also with them to realize their dreams. In this package, we offer calendar services and events, but also

  • Seminars and Meetups

    Access to unique seminars, experts and leaders in industry will deliver seminars on chosen business and cultural topics in;

    • Business

    • Technology

    • Culture

    • Food & Leisure

    • Art & History

    • Music

  • Ambassador Certificate

  • Mentoring Sessions (1 to 1)

    1-hour mentoring session per week with one of our mentors to discuss your academic or professional development. e.g. PhD support, sourcing internships etc.

  • References

    WeiPoint will provide written references for Premium Ambassadors.

This package also take the maximum resources from us. We only offer rare places for them in each month. Please consider wisely before you take actions.

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