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The Pioneers are the future leaders of the community. They understand what to do and how to achieve their goals. They have managed the skills to survive in the city region and have the impact in their student societies or work communities. They are looking for advice from seniors or local experts to expand their vision and learn local knowledge.

The Pinoeer package is designed for these type of people. They will be invited to join the seminars in his favorite subject after attending local events. They will share their opinions with others and exchange ideas from the peers. They will also rewarded a certificate after a period of participation to prove the consistency and capability of learning. Specifically, this package includes:

Personal Calendar App

Access your personalized and calendar app to customize and register for professional and educational events in your area. You’ll always be aware of the events which interest you.

  • Weekly Emails

    From networking sessions to concerts, receive our Editors’ picks of the best events of the week.

  • Access to the official WeiPoint Facebook & WeChat Groups

    Join our private Facebook & WeChat groups to connect with fellow Ambassadors and discuss the latest events and topics.

  • Eligible for Monthly Photo Competition
    Winners receive expenses-paid event tickets for themselves and 1 guest.

  • Monthly Prize Poll

    Submit and vote on our monthly poll to choose Photo Competition Prizes.

  • Seminars and Meetups

    Access to unique seminars, experts and leaders in industry will deliver seminars on chosen business and cultural topics in;

    • Business

    • Technology

    • Culture

    • Food & Leisure

    We will also organize meetups for Ambassadors on the Standard Membership to socialize and network. We hope we can motivate more engagement between local experts and foreign leaders. Please be aware that this package has limited place in each month. Please come early and reserve your place.

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