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The Adventures are the type of people who are seeking to escape the comfort zone. They are very curious about the city they are living and trying to access the local networks as soon as possible. They already know what they are looking for and understand where their tribes are.

The Adventure package offers our ambassadors the personalized calendar with categories of local events. You will automatically become a virtual member of the Ambassador family. You will have a private secretary who organizes and alerts you the best things to do weekly in your city. Specifically, you will have these services below:

  • Personal Calendar App

    Access your full version calendar app with a selection of 80 local events per week, which allows you to register for professional and educational events in your area. You’ll always be assisted with a private secretary to remind you what to do in a week which best of your interest.

  • Weekly Emails

    From networking sessions to concerts, receive our Editors’ picks of the best events of the week.

  • Access to the official WeiPoint Facebook & WeChat Groups

    Join our private Facebook & WeChat groups to connect with fellow Ambassadors and discuss the latest events and topics.

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