Become a WeiPoint Ambassador

Launching August 2019

Our Ambassador Programme is designed for people who seek being different. If you have one of these characteristics, you might be the right people for this programme:

  • You are curious about the city you are living and would like to explore local museums and historical buildings;

  • You would like to work with local businesses even you are not graduated;

  • You would like to make trade with local merchants but also travel around the world;

  • You are very passionate about your research/study and would transfer your skills into practices;

  • You would like to pursue a PhD degree;

  • You would like to access high profile events around you;

We are proud to help you grow your ambition. We have created a digital platform for you to gain these following benefits:

  • Provide you a personalized calendar with local interesting events;

  • Navigate you to build network with local professionals and businesses;

  • Organize workshops and seminars to extend your academic/ professional topics;

  • Personalize One-to-One consultations and co-create the next milestone of your learning journey and career;

We believe you are entitled as ambassadors if you are interested in our programme because you are going to have meaningful experience in Midlands and you are going to tell your friends and families how special Midlands. You will have fun here and you will not feel lonely in this wonderful place. You are also going to challenge the stereotype that London is the only place in the UK to have a successful life.

Please join this community and get to know each other. Please be aware that our calendar only provided in Birmingham and the West Midlands at the moment. We may expand to other regions once we are happy with this model and confident to accelerate in the near future. The training and consultation can be hold remotely or at your city upon your request.

Personalised Calendar
Below please find a testimony of our calendar service. You probably have no idea how many wonderful events are around you if you are new here. Ambassadors can find the latest events which match their interests and are able to update their event preferences at any time, identify and register for events to attend through the app and weekly emails.

Photo Competition

We wish you had fun in this programme and tell other people how happy you are with us. We would like to encourage you to participate the photo competition. You can post your photos on the social media and we will select the most popular ones. You will be rewarded if your photo has the most views in that month. Social media can be identified as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WeChat.

Terms and Conditions

  • Ambassadors are solely responsible for covering the costs associated with attending events. We will not be reimbursing entry or travel costs for attending any of the events listed in the app or in weekly emails.

  • WeiPoint will only cover the entry fees for monthly Photo Competition winners.

  • WeiPoint does not guarantee that Ambassadors will acquire an occupation as a result of participating on the programme.

  • Travel costs will not be provided as part of the monthly competition.

  • WeiPoint reserves the right to change the monthly prize if it is not feasible to provide selected prize.

  • Please refer to our Privacy Policy to understand how we use your data and our commitment to data protection.

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