Our Story

Founded in 2017, WeiPoint was founded by Dr Wei Wu. Firmly believing in spreading the benefits of research and innovation, in areas such as FinTech, to cities and regions outside of London. With a disparity between the concentration of investment and support for firms existing outside of the English capital, WeiPoint works to bolster regional digital economies.

WeiPoint was setup to help firms and address this imbalance. In less than half a year of operation, we have expanded and achieved numerous milestones and accolades. 

Dr Wei wu

Dr Wei Wu has been conducting research in the area of financial inclusion and financial technology for a decade. Assisting a FinTech firm in Beijing to enter the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) before he started his PhD at the University of Birmingham, he was involved with several philanthropic projects and start-ups globally during his academic journey. Upon completing his PhD, Dr Wu founded WeiPoint, and continues working as an entrepreneur and researcher.


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