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WeiPoint promotes the Midlands through international engagement, talent exchange and industry dialogue. We work with businesses, universities and communities to adopt new technologies, improve their operational models, build on cultural heritage, and ensure their prosperity for the future.

Who we are?

WeiPoint was established in Birmingham, which is the most diversified and entrepreneurial city in the UK. Our core objective is to advocate the inclusion and the innovation in the Midlands city-region. We help local citizens to understand each others’ network and to bridge them across the region regardless their ethnic minorities. We are equally concerned with promoting the region inclusively and internationally.

Our team is built with local warm-hearted citizens who are keen to embraces the world. We are building a digital platform where collects and highlights the local events on the calendar. We are challenging the stereotype that Birmingham is not a fun place to visit and to live. Within our calendar service, we are keen to encourage everyone to love and to stay in this region-city, regardless their gender, ethnic minorities, nationalities, religions and collar.

What we do?

We introduce this region to locals and foreigners with a digital platform. It offers events in this region and business dictionaries with international trade ambition. By building this ethnic-diversified network, we also help the local business and higher education institutions to access the global network through the international communities.

How do we deliver?

We are working both digitally and conventionally to deliver our value and service. We build a online community through a calendar which motivates people to explore the city better and deeper. We also work with many local and global businesses to explore the potential business opportunities through this online community. We are still growing and evolving. We will explore ways of promoting this regions through our collective efforts. We have cooperated and incubated other firms to deliver the same goals. Looking forward to hearing more advice and attracting new talents in our team.

The Ambassador Programme is the online community that we are building for locals and foreigners. It aims to outline the best things to do in this region with personalized preferences. It calls everyone in this place become an ambassador and joins the campaign with us to promote this wonderful land.

The Envoy and the Catapult Service are being developed separately as individual brands to build connections between local businesses or research institutions and international organizations. Those connections were driven by the ambassadors who love this place as well as of global vision and capacity.

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