The Midlands is great

WeiPoint promotes the Midlands through international engagement, talent exchange and industry dialogue. We work with businesses, universities and communities to adopt new technologies, improve their operational models, build on historical cultural heritage, and ensure their future prosperity.

Who we are?

Established in Birmingham, the most diversified and entrepreneurial city in the UK, Weipoint’s mission is to advocate for inclusion and innovation within the West Midlands. We help local citizens of all backgrounds connect across the region, and aim to promote the Midlands on an international scale. Our team is dedicated to showcasing the brightest and best that the region has to offer, in an accessible format that everyone can take advantage of.

What do we do?

We are building a digital calendar which curates and highlights local events, to show that Birmingham is a fun place both to visit and to live. Our Calendar offers many types of events in this region, enabling people to explore a wide range of interests.

The Ambassador Programme

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Users can access our calendar through the Ambassador Programme. The programme outlines the best things to do in this region with personalised preferences, encouraging ambassadors to explore and promote the rich variety of experiences Birmingham has to offer, with three different membership packages.

We are working with local and global businesses to allow visitors to the West Midlands to get involved in the region. If you are a business owner, consider working with the Ambassador Programme, and take a look at our Corporate services.

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We are an ever-growing and evolving team, always exploring new ways of promoting the region. We also place particular focus on helping local businesses and higher education institutes access the global network, exponentially expanding their potential reach and ability to make a positive impact on more lives.

We are working on different programs to bring different aspects of Birmingham’s culture to our users. The Envoy and the Catapult Service are being developed separately as individual brands to build connections between local businesses or research institutions and international organizations. Those connections were driven by the ambassadors who love this place as well as of global vision and capacity.

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